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Trader Tim's Tie Downs

2" Adjustable Tie-Back - 4 Color Options

2" Adjustable Tie-Back - 4 Color Options

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This one is kind of a well-kept secret.

Think of it as a 2” tie-down with axle strap but without the ratchet.

If you like to keep your vehicle in the same exact spot on your trailer every time this tie-back will serve you well. It is adjustable and can be used with or without the axle strap. Once you adjust the length it will always stay the same vs. a ratchet (once you loosen it you are starting over).

We suggest using 2 at the front of the vehicle and 2 ratchet tie-downs at the rear.

  • Available in 4 colors. 
  • Adjusts between 48" and 24”.
  • Colors: Black-Blue-Red-Gray
  • SWL: 3300lbs, MRC: 10000lbs*

*SWL = Safe Working Load *MRC = Maximum Rated Capacity

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