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Trader Tim's Tie Downs

2"x 8' Direct Hook Ratchet Tie Down

2"x 8' Direct Hook Ratchet Tie Down

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This tie-down has all the same qualities and strength as our traditional combo design but incorporating a hook directly to the ratchet. This comes in handy when you are securing a vehicle that has limited access under it; by using the direct hook you get the ratchet as close to the floor of the trailer as possible.

We have put the finest pieces together to make this one rock solid unit. Starting with our premium 10,000lb ratchet; we unite 12,000lb webbing and 10,000lb twisted snap hooks sewn with massive 346 thread right here in Southern California. 8’ in length, we're not cutting any corners on this one. Works great on its own or with our 2” axle straps.

Colors: Black-Blue-Red-Gray

SWL: 3300lbs, MRC: 10000lbs*

*SWL = Safe Working Load *MRC = Maximum Rated Capacity

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