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Trader Tim's Tie Downs

1.5" Adjustable Tie-Back

1.5" Adjustable Tie-Back

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We came up with this some time ago and it is a bit of a sleeper. This tie back works well with a 4 tie-down application. If you like to have your vehicle sit in the same spot every time, want a quick and easy tie-down solution ,and even save a few bucks this could do the trick. Use these on the front or the back of your vehicle and adjust them to the desired length; that adjustment will stay the same during continued use. Use ratchet tie-downs on the opposite side to tighten all 4 tie-downs. Works well with 1.5” ratchet tie-downs.

1.5" Nylon Webbing with Twisted Snap Hooks and Soft-Tie Attachment

 Length: 4ft

Colors: Black, Red

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